Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guild Dungeon Switches - WoE 1

War of Emperium has been the best feature of Ragnarok Online. Its about the pride of conquering opposing guild's Agit and defending the Agits you owned. After the heat of the war, the guild members who owns an Agit has priviledge of accessing what we call the Guild Dungeons. Basically guild dungeons are dungeons located underneath each war of Emperium maps. But first you need locate the guild dungeon switch in order to access the dungeon. Guild members can level up through the monster spawns, hunt for the guild dungeon MVPs or farm items which can only be gathered at the guild dungeon.

Giving the exact locations of Guild Dungeon switches on WoE 1 Agits

Switch Locations:
The switches for these Agits varies from one castle to another. Most of them are hard to find because they hidden on unexpected locations inside the dungeon. But all these switches can be found either on the second map or third map of the Agit. They can never be found at the entrance map or the emperium room map.

The Luina Agits are located at the west of Al de Baran. The guild dungeon contains Killer Mantis, Owl Baron, Giant Hornet, Giant Spider and Ancient Worm. The MVP guarding the dungeon is Doppelganger.

  • Hohenschwangau - third map
  • Wurzburg - second map
  • Nuemberg - third map
  • Neuschwanstein - third map
  • Rothenburg - second map

    The Britoniah Agits are located above the West Orc Village. The guild dungeon contains Ghostring, Wraith Dead, Mini Demon, Zombie Master and Dark Illusion. The MVP guarding the dungeon is Dark Lord.

    • Yssnelf - third map
    • Jyolbriger - third map
    • .
    • Bergel - second map
    • Leprion - second map
    • Melcedez - second map

      Valkyrie Realm
      The Valkyrie Realm Agits are located at the north of Prontera. The guild dungeon contains Maya Purple, Creamy Fear, Caterpillar, Leib Olmai and Gullinbursti. The MVP guarding the dungeon is Maya.

      • Skoegul - second map
      • Kendul - second map
      • Lazreagues - second map
      • Kriemhild - third map
      • Swanhild - second map

        Greenwood Lake
        The Danau Greenwood Lake Agits are located at the west of Payon. The guild dungeon contains Vagabond Wolf, Skeleton General, Am Mut, Cat o' Nine Tails and Gajomart. The MVP guarding the dungeon is Eddga.

        • Myung-Jung - second map
        • Bool-Young - second map
        • Jukk-Rim-Hyun third map
        • Hong-Roo - third map
        • Chun-Dan - third map

          Events thats utilizes this feature:
          • Crimson Invasion Event - an event similar to crowd control quest that focuses on WoE 1 guild dungeons and at the end of the quest you'll receive the exclusive Bloody Headgears


          Dominic hugo said...

          Thanks for the guide.

          Tuan Agung Hutagaol said...

          How to go to F2 (second floor)

          Herbert said...

          Are you referring to the Hall of the Abyss patch? If you are the owner of the agit the kafra employee inside your castle can teleport you there.

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