Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Shadow Chaser Job Change Experience

Shadow Chasers are the 3rd jobs for Rouges and Stalkers. Their role revolves on sneaking and causing havoc to people. Before, they have been blessed with the ability to copy a skills. Now, they have develop another way of copying skill using Reproduce. Their paint skills have improved into Face Paints like Masquerade Gloomy and Ground Paints like Man Hole. Their stripping ability has been added with Strip Accessory. Their sneaking ability has also been improved with the aid Invisibility and Shadow Form.

Shadow Chaser at the Secret Rouge Guild

This is not a job change guide. I’m making this write up to relay my personal experience with the job change for Shadow Chasers. I may not be able to give the step by step procedure of the job change but I will relay some tips on the do’s and don’ts for the job change. The guide I used for the Job change is found at Ragnaboards and pRO Renewal microsite.

My Story:
Finally I finished my job level on my level 99 stalker through the daily quests. I’m eager to change him into a Shadow Chaser even if it’s already in the wee hours in the evening. I started my journey on the city of Morroc full of excitement where a helpless girl gave me a hint on where to start my quest.

The Girl who triggers the job change quest for Shadow Chasers

With a quick conversation, the girl leads me to the hidden rouge guild. I find it odd that the quest started at Morroc which is deeply associated with the Assassin guild if it could directly start at the Rouge guild hide out right away. Anyways at the guild, three rouges are discussing about a treasure of the rouge guild. In order to get the treasure we need to decipher the code.

The rouges discussing about the treasure and deciphering a code

I was able to decipher the first codes with the help of the guides I mentioned earlier. It led me to a house in Prontera with Manager in it. Just like the rouges in the guild he also gave me another code to decipher. And I guess this is the start of “unlocking the treasures of the shadow chaser”.

Manager in Prontera Atelier

Again I was lazy to manually unlock the code by myself so I use the guide and it led me to the Turtle Islands. I was sent there to slay the “Shadow of Deception” in the form of a Wind Ghost. My DEX-INT-VIT Stalker had a hard time killing this monsters because I had a preserved Flying Kick and not one of those offensive skills. Luckily some passers by are not aware of the job change monster so I let them hit lock the monster while I use Raid to get the last hit. Although I didn’t get the last hit, my quest window on Alt + U tells me that I killed the monster. So I'm done with the slaying part so I went back to the Blue flame and it warped me into a single room similar to the Turtle Islands architecture.

Hidden Room at the Turtle Islands

I talked to the ??? at the middle of the room and it flashed an unexpected code which I could not decipher. The code was easy if I got serious with the deciphering job. Also the guide I use didn’t mention anything about this code so I was stuck thinking about the answer. I know I was lazy and the code caught me off guard so I use another guide to provide me with an answer. So far so good I was able to fish the answer from the second guide. Lucky for me and got the Key of Deception.

The Key of Deception as a treasure from the Turtle Islands

Then I was sent off to the city of Rachel to meet with another manager. As usual he gave me a code to decipher. Just like what I did with the previous codes I used my guides to decipher the codes for me.

Manager of Rachel Atelier

The codes brought me into the freezing cave of Ice dungeon. In the dungeon I have to defeat the “Shadow of Illusion in the form of a Skogul. The monster had a high HP according to the guide which gave me a problem. I had the same problem with the Wind Ghost on how to defeat it but lucky enough a passer by attacked the monster for me. I used Raid again hoping to get the last hit but even if I’m not the last hit I was able to accomplish my quest.

Hidden room at the Ice Dungeon

The Red flame brought me into a room similar with the Turtle Islands with a ??? NPC at the middle. I talked to the NPC and I’m not surprise that it flashed another code for me to unlock. Thanks to my guides again I was able to go through easily in deciphering. And I obtained the Key of Illusion.

The Key of Illusion as a treasure of the Ice Dungeon

My continued quest led me to the city of Juno where in I met with another manager. He gave me a code in which it leads me to the city of the dead in Niffleheim.

Manager in Juno Atelier

Similar with the turtle island and ice dungeon, I have to kill the “Shadow of Pleasure” in the form of a Succubus. Niffleheim is town where in it’s very rare to see people hanging around. I guess my luck on getting help from others fade away and it’s up to me to finish the job. After a long walk scouting for the monster I finally found the Succubus blended with a mob. I used intimidate to single her out and used Hide followed by Raid to kill her. It took me minutes to defeat her and enter the secret room of Niffleheim.

Hidden room at Niffleheim

The room is creepy with Halloween theme. I guess I have to do the decipher some codes here to move on with the quest. I was able to finish the job and got the Key of Gaiety.

The Key of Gaiety as a treasure of Niffleheim

I have 3 keys with me already and the manager sent me to Lighthalzen to get further instructions. When I entered the building I found another manager. I guess it can’t be helped that I have to do another round of deciphering again.

Manager of Lighthalzen Atelier

He told me that the treasure lies at the winding stairs in Thanatos Tower so I need to accomplish the job again. I was able to reach the secret portal inside the Thanatos Tower safely with the help of my stealth skills and found myself in a secret room.

Hidden Room of Thanatos Tower

I talked to the NPC at the center of the room and gave me another code. Upon deciphering the code I finally got the treasure that the managers are talking about. It’s a Master’s Brush.

The treasure that I have a hard time deciphering... A Master's Brush...

I went back to Lighthalzen to give the treasure to Dumk. He explained to me that the brush is the shadow chaser’s treasure. Shadow chasers use brushes for their magic and paints just like Rune Knights using their runes and Warlocks using their magic. Because I succeeded in unlocking the secrets of the shadow chasers, Dumk changed me and become one of the shadow chasers. Congratulations!

Dumk head of the Shadow Chasers guild

For my last note, using a premium service will make your job change a lot easier because of the dungeon warp access. As you can see there are a lot of maps to visit and the premium warp will be of big help on your transportation.

As part of your job change you will be rewarded with a Makeover brush, a Paint Brush, a Shadow Chaser exclusive headgear Shadow Handicraft [1] and a third job exclusive accessory Green Apple.

The shadow chasers job change is well thought of. The puzzles given were hard and you need to concentrate in getting the right answer. Although some of the guides already revealed the answers, you still have the option to decipher the codes by yourself. The whole job change experience is adventurous because of the different locations that you area going to visit. The part where in you need to kill a shadows also adds to the difficulty of the job change. As a final verdict the job change for shadow chasers is outstanding.


Anonymous said...

wow anlufet !! anu kaya gagamitin kong skill ?
++[[ KILLER ]]++
pRO Valyrie server

Herbert said...

Thanks for visiting.
Pwede kang mag A.S.S build or masquerade build.
parehong magandang gamitin.

Anonymous said...

ano sagot dun sa DECEIVE + HONESTY na lugar ?

much appreciated po ang fast reply .

[] `SNOW []

Anonymous said...

i mean is there any tip or clue for me to answer the question at the turtle dun hidden room ?? i tried many answers but likely . i failed .. help here please ..

[] `Snow []
pRO Valkyrie

Herbert said...

Use the pRO microsite guide that I used.
Most of the answers are there.


++[[ KILLER ]]++ said...

snow patch pa ko kaya di pa kita ma help
hehe !! tnx po herbert tama nmn ung nasa guide mo hehe !! shadow chaser na pla ako !! kaso manhole, chaos panic, reproduce, shadow formation, feint bomb, dimension door muna unahin ko. yoko mag ASS type kc di nmn ako agi type

Herbert said...

No problem. Glad to help.
Congrats pala at shadow chaser ka na! hehe
Similar build pala tayo. ganyan din sakin kasama yung masquerades.
Siege build.

Anonymous said...

sir san bili can of paint and surface paint? :) tnx po

Herbert said...

Lahat ng Shadow Chaser Atelier may nagbebenta ng can of paint and surface paint. Bale sa Prontera, Juno, Lighthalzen at Rachel meron.

Anonymous said...

hello po ask ko lang po kung mag ASS build po ako ano po bang skill lvl ng ASS ang suitable?.. salamat po

Herbert said...

personal preference ko is level 10.
level 5 autocast skill, 5minutes duration 15% chance to autocast.
pero pwede rin level 9 kasi ang down side lang nun e yung duration.

Anonymous said...

Sir Herbert I would like to ask where can I buy those brushes needed in the masquerade and surface paint skills?

Herbert said...

All Shadow Chaser Ateliers provides those items.
You can read their exact locations on this post.

Anonymous said...

bro where i can buy paint brush and face brush?

Herbert said...

Paint Brush and Face Brush are automatically given when you job change into a Shadow Chaser.
In pRO we call them Makeover brush and Paint Brush

Anonymous said...

herbert .. d ko ma gets ung code .. >< haha ung may number number ..

Herbert said...

Yung mga sagot nasa microsite ng pRO

Anonymous said...

Ask lng po if yng invisibility skill can be used during woe..and if ttmaan ba xa ng AOE parang sa chasewalk? or nadedetect ba xa ng ruwach?

Herbert said...

ndi ko po sure. wala akong ganung skill.
pero sa pagkakaalam ko ndi ka nga makikita kahit anong idamage sayo pero tatamaan ka pa din ng mga AOE skills. hindi ko to na confirm ha nabasa ko lang.

Anonymous said...

sir ask ko lang bakit di ko ma-unlock yung skill na cleaner ng stalker, shadow chaser na ko pero di ko kahit anong gawin ko di ma-unlock kahit meron ng pre-requisite na skill ayaw pa din, di po tuloy ako makapag lagay ng man hole, dimension door and feint bomb T.T please reply... thx in advance na din po!

Herbert said...

Not sure. Try mo click or double click yung man hole para malagyan ng skill points yung prerequisite ng man hole kasama na dun ang man hole.
pag hindi effective file ka na lang ng CS ticket.

Anonymous said...

tinry ko na po sir pero nung nabasa ko yung skill desc ng cleaner, nakalagay po not yet implemented, I think CS report na talaga gagawin ko, thanks for replying anyway

Herbert said...

Lam ko kahit not yet implemented yan dapat malalagyan mo pa din ng points

Anonymous said...

yun nga din po ang alam ko sir, dapat tulad sya sa warp portal diba? pero hanggang ngayon wala pa din, nag file na din ako ng CS sa LU 3 days na din po nakalipas pero walang progress, any ideas po para maging ok pa yung shadow chaser ko?

Herbert said...

Try mo gawing list view yung skill window mo baka sakaling maging visible yung icon para malagyan mo ng skill point yung skill. Ang CS pede po umabot ng weeks. Patience po ang need kasi ndi lang ikaw ang nagfifile ng ticket.

Anonymous said...

paps san po maganda at mabilis pa level ung SC? tapos pano pa job 70 ung stalker anung skill po gagamitin? salamat po :)

Herbert said...

D ko lam san pede magpalevel panay DQ na lang kasi ako. pinaka ok na skill is copy nyo Bowling Bash or Double Strafe.

Anonymous said...

ahh di po ba int vit at dex build siya para sa fire trap/masquerade build? pag pa stalker po kaya may masusuggest po ba kayong leveling skills?

Herbert said...

based sa nakikita ko ok ang Fire Trap, Jack Frost, Psychic Wave at Cross Impact

Anonymous said...

boss herbert ask ko lang kung anu po bang ginagawa ng leecher?

Herbert said...

first time mo po ba sa RO?
edi taga leech po sya. meaning sya yung papatay sa monster habang yung kaparty nya nasa isang tabi lang nag aantay ng experience.

Anonymous said...

hello, pRo returnee po (after 6 years) ... i also have dex-int-vit build with my stalker (doing 3rd job quest atm)... i forgot na kasi kung paano ko xa pinalevel before... can u give me some tips on how to lvl it and the best skill to copy for leveling? and also with the skill plagiarize... do i need to keep it active to prevent my stalker / chaser from copying uwanted skills?

thanks to ur very informative site...

Herbert said...

I think I can give you the best skills to copy and most of your queries can be read here.

Best skills to Plagiarize are Bowling Bash or Water Ball.
Best skills to Reproduce are Fire Trap, Jack Frost and Psychic Wave.
Just choose which skill suits your leveling needs.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tips... one last question, ung reproduce skill ba is kailangan ko pa ding i preserve? matakpan ba xa ng ibang skills na mag attack sa SC ko? and do i need to make it to lvl 10 or just 5 is ok? super super super thanks...

Herbert said...

Para sa reproduce skill lvl5 is OK kasi karamihan ng icocopy mo na 3rd job skill is max at lvl5.

Yung reproduce skill ay parang switch.
Pag naka ON sya meaning may icon sa gilid pede ka mag copy. pag naka OFF sya naka save na yung skill at hindi na pede mapalitan. kung gusto mo palitan yung reproduced skill need mo ulit i-ON yung skill then copy.

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