Friday, October 22, 2010

Royal Guard Job Change Experience

Royal Guards are the 3rd jobs for Crusaders and Paladins. Their role leans towards tanking, defensive support and a little offensive. Their defensive skills such as Reflect Damage and Prestige are improvements with their current arsenal. Their skills Hesperus Lit and Ray of Genesis requires other Royal Guards to perform the skill while in Banding. And the more Royal Guards in Banding the greater the damage and bonus attributes received. Their offensive side has been improved also with the dawn of Overbrand and Exceed Break. Ultimately, they have a special skill which makes them immune to most status ailment and adds bonus attributes called Inspiration.

Starting my journey of becoming a Royal Guard at Prontera Castle

This is not a job change guide. I’m making this write up to relay my personal experience with the job change for Royal Guard. I may not be able to give the step by step procedure of the job change but I will relay some tips on the do’s and don’ts for the job change. The guide I used for the Job change is found at Ragnaboards.

My Story:
My journey in becoming a Royal Guard starts at the Prontera Castle. It’s the same place where I performed the Crusader exam. I returned to the Crusader home base inside the Prontera Castle and talked to the Middle Aged Man to start my journey in becoming a Royal Guard. He required me to give him 100 Burning Hearts then sends me off to Glast Heim Abbey and investigate on the remnants of the clan Schmidtz.

The Middle Aged Man marks the start of my journey in becoming a Royal Guard

Inside the Glast Heim Abbey, a pop up window appears and shows you the different locations on where you can start your investigation. Each location indicated on the mini map corresponds to a Delicate Trace where you will be able to dig out information.

Locations of Delicate Trace revealed on the mini-map

Digging is like fishing and mining in the new world where in a cast bar appears at the head of your character after clicking the Delicate Trace. The bar on your head has a fixed cast time and it will be interrupted once you move out of your current position. The task is to get a A Piece of Clothe of a Saint from these holes. You need a lot of luck in getting the cloth because the chance of getting it is random. Dig on one spot them immediately transfer to another spot if not successful. The task is trial and error so have patience in excavating.

A cast bar appears on your head as you dig on the Delicate Trace

When the Piece of Clothe of a Saint has been excavated, return to the Middle Aged Man to present the information that you have excavated. In return, he will give you a Shild of King.

Accepting the Shild of King (misspelled Shield?)

Return to Glast Helm and locate the Thought of Schmidtz at the upper right part of the map. Going to the area is very easy because there are no aggressive monsters to interrupt your quest.

Finding the Thought of Schmidtz

After talking to the Thought of Schmidtz, you will be endowed with a lot of power. An explosive job change follows after. Congratulations you are now a Royal Guard!

An explosive job change for a simple quest

At the end of my journey, I shared my happy moments with my friends in Alberta Stairs. I showed them epic and mighty stance of the Royal Guard. The stance projects a great warrior complemented with a strong looking headgear. The headgear reminds me of the movie 300 where the great Spartans showed their valour in fighting thousand of warriors.

The heroic stance of a Royal Guard

As part of your job change you will be rewarded with a Royal Guard exclusive headgear Dip Schmidt Helm [1] and a third job exclusive accessory Green Apple.

The royal guard quest is very easy. It time to job change depends on your farming skill for the 100 burning heart requirement and luck in excavating inside the Glast Heim St. Abbey. The lack of practical exam makes the job change easy. Overall the job change lacks challenge for a strong looking class.


Anonymous said...

wala bang ranger?

Herbert said...

Meron na po akong Ranger kaso sinusulat ko pa lang. ipopost ko na lang pag nasulat ko na ng buo. tapos to follow na yung Warlock.

Anonymous said...

may rune knight po b?

Herbert said...

Wala akong Rune Knight eh kaya wala pong guide para dun

Anonymous said...

Sir herbie panu niyo po napa 150 ung RG niyo? ehe any tips? salamat po :)) More power!

Herbert said...

Pure daily quest po sya.
Never ko syang pinalevelup sa monsters.
Downside iwan na iwan ang job level. T_T

Anonymous said...

ah ok po ehe salamat :)) sa Sura po wala po kayong leveling guide? :))

Herbert said...

Wala po kasi akong sura. kaya ndi ako makakagawa ng guide. T_T

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