Thursday, October 21, 2010

Archbishop Job Change Experience

Archbishops are the 3rd jobs for Priests and High Priests. Their role lean towards party support and exorcism. A lot of their support buffs has been enforced by making it wide buffs. The exorcism side has also been improved with the addition of Judex, Adoramus and Oratio. Although healing amount has been nerfed, Archbishops now has a lot of healing skills like Renovatio, Epiclesis, Coluseo Heal and High Heal. Even though not a popular build, Battle Priests are improved with the aid of Duple Light and Expiatio.

Archbishop at Prontera Church

This is not a job change guide. I’m making this write up to relay my personal experience with the job change for Archbishop. I may not be able to give the step by step procedure of the job change but I will relay some tips on the do’s and don’ts for the job change. The guide I used for the Job change is found at Ragnaboards.

My Story:
My journey of becoming an Archbishop started at Prontera Church just like when I was still an Acolyte and Priests. It was my first log in during renewal so I’m a little disoriented with the interface that I have seen so I sat down and composed myself in understanding the changes. While learning the new interface I also met a fellow High Priest who is also taking the job change quest. We shared thoughts on renewal and our plan builds in mind for our character.

The start of my Pilgrimage for the Archbishop Job Change

After familiarizing myself with the interface, I started my holy pilgrim in becoming an Archbishop inside the Prontera Church. I talked to the praying minister to start my quest and he send me off to Umbala. To my surprise a lot of High Priests were already there taking part on the pilgrim. Our task on that area is to have a pilgrim into the roots of Yggdrasil.

Pilgrimage at the Yggdrasil Root

After locating the exact pilgrim site inside the Yggdrasil Root, a lengthy ritual is performed on you. A quick trivia, Umbala Dungeon is currently removed in-game so exiting at the upper right portal of Umbala will directly bring you to the Yggdrasil roots. After the pilgrim, you will be send off to Hugel to continue your journey.

Praying Nun inside the Church in Hugel

Locate the church in Hugel that resembles the church in Prontera. Talk to the nun and spam enter until your done. T_T

Now for the hard part of the quest. Make your way to the Odin’s Temple and locate a vanishing Valkyrie NPC at the upper left part of the second field of Odin’s Temple. In order to do that first you have to locate the boatman that will lead you to the first field of Odin’s Temple. After going out of the church walk straight to your right and the boatman will ask if you wish to go to the Odin’s Temple. If you agree you will be brought to the first field of Odin’s Temple. This part is an easy map to survive but expect the next map to be hard. Prepare some potions for healing purposes because healing has been nerf it might not be enough for survival and anodyne for the endure effect in avoiding flinching lock. The map has a high mob density so be careful not to accumulate a mob while evading the monsters.

The crowd inside the small room of the waiting area during the first day of Renewal

If you successfully arrived at the indicated location talk to the vanishing Valkyrie NPC then you will be warped into the job change waiting area. At this point, only the high priests and priests are allowed in the area. During my time, I was surprised with the crowded small room of Priests waiting for their turn to job change. There was no waiting pub NPC to reserve your slot and from what I’ve seen we have to talk to the vanishing Valkyrie NPC in order to proceed. She is responsible in taking you to the examination area but in a first click first serve basis. Other players will have to wait for the next appearance of the Valkyrie in order to proceed in the examination room while the chosen one is performing the examination.

At this point, each player needs patience because the job change test is performed at a maximum of 10minutes per player. That means only 6 players are accommodated per hour and the Valkyrie NPC will re-appear every 10mins. But wait that’s just in theory! In reality, when the examination area is cleared the Valkyrie NPC will re-appear to fetch the next examiner then vanish again. Failed examiners it may took the exam for 5mins or less but for successful examiner it may took them 7 to 10mins. Failed examiners usually has a Valkyrie mercenary with them as they spawn into the waiting room. Because of this competitive set up, most players tend to hyper click in the area where the Valkyrie NPC re-appears in order to be served first. In all honesty, I’m also one of those hyper clickers while I’m desperately wait for the re-appearance of the Valkyrie NPC. I’m already frustrated in the job change exam during that time because of the long hours and days of waiting. Because of this attitude of players, the vanishing NPC has been bugged and never vanished. She claimed to be talking to someone although she’s not talking to anybody. In effect none of the players in the waiting area are able to proceed into the examination room.

Bugged Valkyrie NPC in which she never vanished to take an examiner into the examination room

We escalated this issue with the GMs and it has become a hot issue together with the bugged NPCs for Rune Knight and Guillotine Cross. On a Saturday morning, GM Aeon personally appeared on the waiting area to fix the bugged Valkyrie NPC. He even arranged the players to form a line and summon stray players at the end of the line then he vanished. The line indicates the sequence of the players in talking with the Valkyrie NPC to prevent the bug from occurring again.

GM Aeon resets the Valkyrie NPC to continue the job change exam for Archbishop

As time passed by, the fixed job change NPC spread all through out Midgard. The influx of examiners became evident from time to time but they abide in lining up for the sequence. The first two examiners were accommodated in sequence but succeeding numbers were not followed anymore. A lot of players were using the hyper click technique again and gained advantage over the one in front of the line. I waited for hours waiting for the sequence to be continued but it’s not been the case. I have no choice but to compete in clicking with the Valkyrie NPC. Luckily I was able to gain the advantage and changed to an Archbishop

Eager High Priests patiently waiting for their turn to take the exam

Let’s flash back a little on what to expect inside the examination room. The examination room uses terrain of the third field of Odin’s Temple. Inside the room, you will be stripped with all your equipments. The first thing to do is to summon the Valkyrie Mercenary using the Ancient Language Scroll before re-equipping your things. Failed to summon the mercenary before you move will cause your failure of examination. Also using items and re-equipping during the exam is allowed so take advantage of your items inside the examination room.

Valkyrie Mercenary for the first part of the exam

The first part of the exam is to battle with a Valkyrie located at the upper left of the map. There are Zombie and Nightmare on the way but they are not required to be killed. You have the option to kill them or just leave them as is and proceed with the indicated location. It is important to keep your mercenary alive or else you will fail the exam. When you reached the Valkyrie monster, use any means to kill her but it is more important to let your mercenary stay alive. The Valkyrie monster has an undead attribute so using Heal Bomb, Sanctuary and Magnus Exorcism will be effective in slaying her. If you have successfully killed her, pick up the Broken Horn Pipes loots because it will be used in the next part of the exam. Before talking with the 1st Valkyrie NPC, FIRE your mercenary using ALT + R.

After talking with the NPC she will give you another Valkyrie NPC stronger than the previous one but if you ask me it is still weak in battling. Once again, before doing anything else summon your mercenary! Another location will be revealed on your map directing you to the lower right part for another battle with a Valkyrie. The monsters at this point has been changed to Zombie Prisoner and Raydric Archer. Just like the first part you have the option to kill them or to evade them. Keep in mind that you only have 10mins to finish the job change quest. When you reached the destination you will battle with another Valkyrie. Remember to keep your mercenary alive during the battle with the Valkyrie monster. The mercenary has the tendency to attack monsters that are attacking you so keep your mercenary safe through hit and run technique. When you defeat the Valkyrie monster, DO NOT FIRE your mercenary and keep her alive until you job change. Accept the Will of Exhausted Warrior from the Valkyrie NPC and proceed to the last part of the exam.

Defeated the Valkyrie Monster using Heal Bomb combined with pre-casted Sanctuary

The last part of the exam is crucial. On your mini map the location is revealed to be at the upper right part of the map. The monsters on the area were still Zombie Prisoners and Raydric Archers. Just like the previous parts you have the option to kill the monsters or to evade them. When you are near the target location DO NOT RUSH. A hiding Frus will appear to tear you and your mercenary apart. It is important to kill him or leave him in a place where he could not bother you because as you step forward into the area a pop up window will appear. Fast moving or dying while the pop up window appears will cause your disconnection. Disconnection means failed exam and you have to compete with the hyper clickers again. If you have successfully talked to the Valkyrie NPC at the third area you will automatically be changed to an Archbishop. Congratulations!

As part of your job change you will be rewarded with an Archbishop exclusive headgear Mitra [1] and a third job exclusive accessory Green Apple.

The job change for Archbishop is hard overall! The first parts of the job change is easy because all we have to do is to follow the flow of the story on how to become an Archbishop. The last part of the quest is the bloody one because we have to travel to Odin’s Temple and locate the vanishing Valkyrie NPC. The Odin’s Temple third field has a tendency to mob and the monsters on that field were high level which makes our travel difficult and painful. If by chance you were taken down, then you have to return to our save point again and try our luck travelling safely again. If successful, the next challenge that we have to face is the competition with our fellow high priests in talking with the vanishing Valkyrie NPC for the practical exam. And from my experience because of this competition that the Valkyrie NPC has been continuously bugged. Bugged job change NPC means delayed opportunity of taking the exam and ultimately delayed job change to Archbishop. The job change quest has not considered the influx of multiple players taking the exam that is why we are experience a big problem. I have no complains with the practical exam part because although it’s a hard job change exam it is achievable. I felt my adrenaline rush during the examination proper and made me more excited in changing to an Archbishop.


Anonymous said...

nice post! mas nakakaenganyo tuloy mag archbishop! =D

Herbert said...

Thanks. Good Luck din sa job change mo. As of now mahirap pang makipag agawan sa job change ng archbishop. (^^)v

Anonymous said...

takot akong lumaban sa valkyrie.. di ko alam pano gumamit ng mercenary eh... :(

Herbert said...

Naku wag mong ilalaban yung Valkyrie Mercenary.
Sobrang weak nun compared sa mga monsters na kalaban dun sa exam.
Gawin mo iwasan mo na lang yung mga monsters tapos diretso ka dun sa Valkyrie monster.
Tapos kill mo gamit sanctuary or heal bomb.
Wag na wag mong ilalaban yung mercenary kasi madeds lang sya.

paulo said...

sir na stuck na po me kac nakapasok na ako dyan sa small rum na nyan then nakausap ko ung valkyrie then bigla po ako na dc? ngaun di na ulit. pag login ko nsa savepoint ako. di na ulit ako makapunta dyan kac nawala na ung valkyrie na nasa odin lvl 2 T_T panu po kaya ito

Herbert said...

Baka na bug mo na yung Valkyrie NPC dyan. >_<
Bale may 2 options ka.
Una antayin mo yung next maintenance para mareset yung Valkyrie NPC
Pangalawa gawin mo na lang yung instant job change nasa small room din sya or yng nasa prontera. hindi ko lang sure kung pwede yung instant job change dun sa may prontera

OH YES said...

sir as of now? may 28 BUG yung sa waiting room? may player pa daw sa loob? as is said? yung dating BUG hangang ngayon meron? hindi pa ba na ayos yun hangang ngayon?

Herbert said...

Yep existing pa din yung bug. Kung na stuck ka pa din may instant AB job change din dun. Kung gusto mo talagang ipagpatuloy yung quest file ka ng CS ticket para irequest na ayusin yung bug then wait mo til maging OK. nangyayari lang kasi yung bug pag madaming tao yung nag uunahan para pumindot sa NPC.

Anonymous said...

sir.. kelangan po b 99/70 para makapag arch? tnx po

Herbert said...

Sa pagkakaalam ko 99/50 pwede na.
Pero sayang naman yung skill points mo pag hindi mo tatapusin.

Anonymous said...

sir herbert san po ang location ng instant job change NPC yoko na mag quest aabutin ako ng 100 days jan.

Anonymous said...

sir herbert san po ang location ng instant job change NPC yoko na mag quest d ko kaya ang mga monster papunta dun.

Herbert said...

Yung instant job change lam ko sa loob mismo ng practical exam part. Yung NPC na nasa Odin Shrine.
Bale magkatabi yung Practical NPC at yung Instant job change dun sa room

Anonymous said...

Kuya herbz.. nagbalik ulit yung bug, ampff.. ako lang nasa waiting room peo lagi sabi "I'm talking to someone..." for sure ako lang nagtetest nun, tingnan mo yung oras kung kelan ko toh napost..

Herbert said...

Lam ko every maintenance naaayos yung bug ng job change na yan. Kung hindi ka na makapag antay mag instant AB job change ka na lang.

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