Sunday, August 15, 2010

Geffen Quest – Master Thief

The Quest for Master Thief is the second installment of the Geffen Daily Quest. Daily quests for Geffen have a common reward upon completion which is the Geffen Magic Coins. These Magic Coins will then be exchange for Buff scrolls with a desirable effects. For the complete announcement and guide, kindly visit the Ragnaboards.

Quest Requirement:
10 Green Herb

Quest Proper:
Walk near the Geffen Tower to locate Geffen Enforcer. Just like the other daily quest NPCs he constantly use the /! emotion but he doesn’t have the [Quest] prefix. The Geffen Enforcer will tell you that he needs help in capturing the Master Thief. The Master Thief is currently injured by the Alberta Enforcers and now he is hiding around the Geffen City.

The Master Thief if very good at hiding so being keen is needed to capture him. There are 4 locations that the Master Thief is hiding. It is important to change
camera views on buildings so that you will see where the Master thief is hiding. If by chance a player has arrested the Master Thief before you, find the Master Thief on other locations again.

Once spotted, approach him and arrest the Master Thief. He will no longer resist because of his injuries and tells you that he’ll just follow you from behind because he doesn’t want to be seen being arrested.

Return to the Geffen Enforcer and present to him the Master Thief.  Because the Master Thief is injured, he’ll ask you to bring 10 Green Herb for the treatment. Upon giving the 10 Green Herb, they will now treat the Master Thief.

The Geffen Enforcer will now give you the errand to report to the Captain Enforcer in Alberta. You will then be automatically warped near the Captain Enforcer in Alberta. Talk to the Captain Enforcer and he’ll repay you with 1 Geffen Magic Coin. For premium users 2 Geffen Magic Coin is given instead.

Geffen Quest Rewards:
All Geffen quests give the same reward which is the Geffen Magic Coins. Cindy who intendedly gave away all her Geffen Magic Coins made these coins. So in order to regain all the Geffen Magic Coins she made special scrolls. The special scrolls could only be purchased using the Geffen Magic Coins.

For the rewards, exchange 1 Geffen Magic coin + zeny for 1 Magic Scroll. These magic scrolls lasts for 30mins and it’s effect persist even death. Trade permission for the Magic Scrolls are vend-able, kafra-able and trade-able. Headgear rewards are also available by exchanging 540 Geffen Magic Coins + 2,000,000zeny

Exchange 1 Geffen Magic Coin + 10,000zeny for 1 Soul Scroll

Exchange 1 Geffen Magic Coin + 12,500zeny for 1 Armor Scroll

Exchange 1 Geffen Magic Coin + 12,500zeny for 1 Prayer Scroll

Exchange 1 Geffen Magic Coin + 15,000zeny for 1 Immune Scroll

Exchange 1 Geffen Magic Coin + 15,000zeny for 1 Mystic Scroll

Exchange 1 Geffen Magic Coin + 15,000zeny for 1 Battle Scroll

Exchange 1 Geffen Magic Coin + 20,000zeny for 1 Cranial Scroll

Exchange 1 Geffen Magic Coin + 20,000zeny for 1 Buster Scroll

Exchange 1 Geffen Magic Coin + 20,000zeny for 1 Royal Scroll

Exchange 540 Geffen Magic Coin + 2,000,000zeny for 1 Hairband of Reginleif

Exchange 540 Geffen Magic Coin + 2,000,000zeny for 1 Soulless Wing


Anonymous said...

Can I request for the full description of Soulless Wing and Hairband of Reginleif? Thanks.

Herbert said...

Soulless Wing
A halo and a pair of wings that are floating above a head. The item makes the wearer to look like a spirit that is walking on earth
Add a chance of auto casting level1 Assumptio on the wearer receives physical attack.
Item Class: Headgear
Defense: 2
Head Position: Upper
Weight: 30
Required Lv: 20
Jobs: All Jobs except Novice

Herbert said...

Hairband of Reginleif
A head accessory which is named after Valkyrie Reginleif. If someone wear this, they can get the bless of god. Additional 3% tolerance to the Water, Fire, Dark, Undead property.
Class: Headgear
Def: 1
Location: Mid
Weight: 80
Required Level: 50
Jobs: All Jobs

Anonymous said...

are these COINS kafrable? and TRADABLE in same account in different characters?

Herbert said...

The geffen coins are character bound

Anonymous said...

So I'm assuming that the HoR is also character bound?

Herbert said...

Yes HoR is also character bound.

Anonymous said...

*sigh* is there a possible way to get HoR aside from doing this quest every single day? I really like HoR!

Herbert said...

You can wait for CnR promo or Lucky Scroll and hope it would have HoR on the list. Also there is a HoR Box that has been given before as compensation for PBB event. The HoR Box is tradeable and you can buy them from other players.

Anonymous said...

does this quest also have a 20 hour cooldown just like the other daily quests?

Herbert said...

Yep it also has 20hr cool down.

Anonymous said...

papa pa update po ng mga Photo mukhang deleted na po ata.

Herbert said...

eto na po kaka-update ko lang. salamat sa pag point out.

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