Sunday, August 15, 2010

Alberta Quest - No more Lonely Knights

The Philippine Ragnarok Online has just recently added two daily experience quests. They launched the Alberta Cargo Delivery Quest last February 2009 and followed by No more Lonely Knights Quest last April 2009. Both quests are pRO exclusive but I have read that other locations are looking into adopting these quests for their servers. These quests have 20 hours cool down and it’s repeatable. So in other words, it’s like receiving free experience points on a daily basis. Also as early as level 1 you could already perform this quest but it would be better to perform this quest at a higher level for higher experience gain. Do note that this quest is already permanent!

Why is it called Alberta Quests? because the quest starter on both quests are located in Alberta. They will be using the emoticon “/!” once in a while so you will easily notice them.

I have decided to create a sort of a guide journal about the Alberta Quest because I find it very repetitive in instructing friends who are unfamiliar with this quest. Also if there are other players who are reading my journal entries this will be of great help in informing them that these kind quests exist. These are quests which greatly complement your craving for more experience.

On a side note, the experience given by these quests are further increased with the use of premium service and field manuals. When I mention about field manuals I am referring to the item that increases the received experience points for 30mins. Example of which are Basic Field Manual, Advance Field Manual and others.

Quest Proper:

Precaution: This quest may require you to travel out of Alberta. Prepare some zeny or Free Warp Ticket for your travel.

Prerequisite Quest: Turtle Island Entrance Quest (for the fifth knight only)

This quest is about helping the Message Girl deliver a letter to a specific Knight. The Message Girl is located near the spawn area at the lower kafra of Alberta.

Once you talked to her, she will let you pick a task where you will have to visit a certain Knight. The name and location of the Knight is indicated on the choices. Also the level restriction is also placed there. The level restriction pertains to not allowing a low level character take a higher level task while higher level character you could still select tasks lower than their level. It is recommended to always take the task assigned for your level bracket for higher experience gain.

Side note: Only one task could be selected per day. Once you have selected a task you could no longer change your task for another. Do not spam enter when you talk to her or you might end up taking the lowest task.

The first knight Sir Donovan is located at Alberta Town. You will not have a hard time locating him since he is just at the lower left part of Alberta. Just a little walk then you will see him already. This task is recommended for level1 to level20 characters.

The second knight Sir Richard is located at the Treasure Island as called Sunken Ship. This task will now require you to spend some zeny in order to travel to the Treasure Island. The only route that you could use is to take the Alberta Ship and set sail towards the Treasure Island. Once you have delivered the letter he will reward you with 1 Free Warp Ticket. This task is recommended for level21 to level40 characters.

The third knight Sir Lion is located at Prontera City. He will be hard to find since he will be hiding in the market place. For just a little hint, he is located at the upper left part of the Prontera Market near a girl NPC. This task will require you to spend some zeny or a Free Warp ticket. The easiest route to reach him is thru the Kafra Warp. Once you have delivered the letter he will reward you with 1 Free Warp Ticket. This task is recommended for level41 to level60 characters.

The fourth knight Sir Midetz is located at Izlude Town. This task will require you to spend some zeny or use a Free Warp Ticket. There are two possible short routes that you could choose from in order to reach him. First option is to take the Alberta Ship and set sail to Izlude Town. Second Option is thru Kafra Warp where in you will have to warp at Prontera City then finally to Izlude Town. Just walk towards the top part of Izlude and you will bump on to him. When you talk to him he will reward you with 1 Free Warp Ticket. This task is recommended for level61 to level80.

The fifth knight Sir Grevious is located at the Turtle Islands. This task does not only require you to spend 10,000zeny but also requires you to complete first the Turtle Island Entrance Quest for you to be able to enter the dungeon. There is a big risk of dying here because the Turtle Island surface has a high mob density. A little precaution is needed in order to successfully deliver the letter to Sir Grevious. He will be hiding somewhere at the lower right part of the Turtle Island surface. Another option that could be considered is if you avail the Premium Service, Just talk to the Odin Warp Kafra and tell her to take you to the turtle islands. Walk towards the warp portal for the Turtle Island Surface and then locate Sir Grevious. This method will not require you to do the prerequisite quest. After successfully delivering the letter to Sir Grevious he will reward you with 2 Free Warp Tickets. This task is recommended for lvl81 and above.

After delivering to one of the knights, no need to go back to the Message Girl. The knights will already provide you with the experience gain. But if you tried visiting the Message Girl, she will just orm you that the 20hours cool down has already been triggered.

The No more Lonely Knights Quest provides not only base experience but also job experience. For the exact experience gain you may refer to the pRO site.

If you are using AFM during the quest, here are some tips for faster completion of the quest.
• Using increase agility, sprint (for taekwon class only) and other walk speed increasing skill will speed up your quest.
• Using warp portal will definitely cut off your travel time by a half.
• Items like Bloody Axe, Pecopeco Band or other similar items which boost walk speed will surely help and will not eat up your time begging for an Acolyte class to cast increase agility on you.
• Consumables like Guyak Pudding or Speed Potions will greatly increase your move speed but it’s not recommended since it’s costly.


jolans said...

it's nice that you have put up a page like this. much more precise and understandable compared on ragnaboards.

Zenbonsakura Kageyoshi said...

The best! 5 out of 5. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

fucking ragnaboards...assholes who can't answer straight but this here site says` it all ^_^

Anonymous said...

Kuya, May alam ka po ba way na para makapunta duon sa turtle dungeon? sa pRO? may warp ba yun sa eden?

Herbert said...

Nasusulat po sa post na to yung paraan para makapunta ng Turtle Dungeon.
Pasadahan na lang po natin ng kahit mabilisan.
Walang warp sa eden quest kasi ndi pwedeng i-memo yung map.

Anonymous said...

kuya bakit ayaw mag quest nung high acolyte ko?

Herbert said...

baka hindi mo natapos yung quest bago ka nag job change.
tapusin mo muna yung pending tignan mo sa Alt + U.

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