Monday, January 23, 2012

New Cards starting from El Dicastes Patch

Card system is a classic feature of Ragnarok Online where it is still being updated every now and then. Cards are specifically dropped by the monster it represents. For example a Poring Card is exclusively being dropped by Poring monsters. But of course at present day there are other means of getting this cards aside from looting it from the monster itself. kRO had been generous in updating the card system to include various cards starting from Destruction of Morroc Patch.

The new cards from different episodes are featured below. The information below were implemented on kRO but may still be subjected to changes. Knowing their effects might give us proper planning with the current items that we have now especially our well kept over upgraded gears.

~ El Dicastes Cards ~
Scaraba Card
Description: +20 MATK, -1% Max SP.
Compound on: Accessory

Queen Scaraba Card
Description: +30% damage done to scaraba monsters. Monsters have low chance of dropping Scaraba summon scroll on death.
Compound on: Weapon

Gold Scaraba Card
Description: +20 ATK, -1% Max HP.
Compound on: Accessory

Gold Queen Scaraba Card
Description: Reduces damage taken by Insect monsters by 10%, Additional 5% damage reduction against insect monsters at +9.
Compound on: Headgear

Dolomedes Card
Description: +2 DEX, +1 DEX every 3 upgrade levels if worn by Archer class.
Compound on: Headgear

~ Bifrost Cards ~
Miming Card
Description: Inflicts Deep Sleep status at a certain chance on melee physical attacks
Compound on: Weapon

Little Fatum Card
Description: Inflicts Silence status at a certain chance on magical attack
Compound on: Weapon

Parus Card
Description: +3% Healing done, +1% Healing done for every 2 upgrade levels if worn by Acolyte class
Compound on: Headgear

Angra Mantis Card
Description: +2% Critical damage, +1% Critical damage for every 2 upgrade levels if worn by Thief class
Compound on: Headgear

Pom Spider Card
Description: +20% damage on Undead monsters
Compound on: Weapon

~ Dewata Cards ~
Alnoldi Card
Description: Reduces damage taken from plant monsters by 30%
Compound on: Shield

Comodo Card
Description: +50 DEF, -25 Flee
Compound on: Armor

Cendrawasih Card
Description: +2 INT, +1 INT every 3 upgrade levels if worn by Mage class
Compound on: Headgear

Banaspaty Card
Description: Inflicts Burning status at a certain chance on physical attack
Compound on: Weapon

Butoijo Card
Description: +20% damage on Angel monsters
Compound on: Weapon

Leak Card
Description: +3 STR, when taking physical or magical damage, inflicts chaos and fear status at a high chance
Compound on: Garment

~ Undersea Tunnel Cards ~
Sedora Card
Description: +15% damage on critical attack
Compound on: Weapon

Sropho Card
Description: Inflicts Crystallization status effect at a certain chance on melee attack
Compound on: Weapon

Pot Dofle Card
Description: Enchants armor with Water property, -10% damage taken from Fish monsters
Compound on: Armor

Kraken Card
Description: +10 Flee, Allows use of [Hiding] Level 1 and [Sightless Mind] Level 1, Inflicts Bleed status at a certain chance when using [Sightless Mind]
Compound on: Garment

~ Malangdo Island Cards ~
King Dramoh Card
Description: +2 STR, +1 STR every 3 upgrade levels if worn by swordman class
Compound on: Headgear

Siorava Card
Description: +2 LUK, +1 LUK for every 3 upgrade levels when worn by Merchant class
Compound on: Headgear

Red Eruma Card
Description: Inflicts curse status at a certain chance on magic attack
Compound on: Weapon

~ Not sure which Dungeon Cards ~
Weird Coelacanth Card
Description: +5% Max SP, +50 MDEF
Compound on: Armor

Dark Coelacanth Card
Description: +10% Max HP, +100 DEF
Compound on: Armor

Mutant Coelacanth Card
Description: +2% Matk, +1% Matk and -1% Max HP every 2 upgrade levels
Compound on: Headgear

Violent Coelacanth Card
Description: +2% ATK, +1% ATK and -1% Max SP every 2 upgrade levels
Compound on: Headgear

Wild Rider Card
Description: +1 AGI, High chance to cast [Increase AGI] level 1 on user when inflicting physical damage
Compound on: Footgear

Octopus Card
Description: Inflicts Blind status at a certain chance on magic attack
Compound on: Weapon

Giant Octopus Card
Description: +12% Max HP, allows use of [Waterball] Level 5
Compound on: Armor

November 30 translated patch at iROwiki


johnrich legaspi said...

wala ung banaspaty card

Herbert said...

Nasa blog naman po yung banaspaty card.

Lester Tagala said...

Sa Malangdo dungeon yang Wild Rider, Octopus & Giant Octopus tol :D

Herbert said...

Naayos ko na po. January 2012 ko pa ito na post /no1


ser, possible bang magbago pa duration ng effect ng sropho?

Herbert said...

Hindi na po.

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