Daily Quests


Daily Quests are quest that are performed on a daily basis. Each time they are performed a 20 hour cool down is triggered as a sign that the quest has been finished. The NPCs for the quest had a [Quest] prefix while doing the /... emotion. Current daily quests implemented in pRO is listed below.

Alberta Quests – gives huge experience points for both base and job

Prontera Quests – easy to perform, gives huge experience points both both base and job but with a cost

Geffen Quests - has little to none experience points given but each quests gives Geffen Magic Coins that could be exchange for Buff Scrolls.
  • Gloria's Study (removed) - rewards Geffen Coins, Rough Oridicon, Rough Elunium, Oridicon, Elunium depending on the upgrade of the Ordinary Armor surrendered
  • Master Thief - rewards Geffen Coins after the successful catch on the Master Thief
  • Mage Hunter - rewards Geffen Coins after convincing the rebel mages to surrender
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