Tuesday, August 8, 2017

ROPH Lucky Scrolls

Lucky Scrolls are hypermart items which contains a pre-defined list of prizes. Each time you open a scroll you will surely be rewarded with an item based on the listed items. However the item to be received has chances just like opening an OBB, OVB or OCA. Rare items will be harder to get and common items will be easier to get. So consider opening a Lucky Scroll a Gamble. It all depends on real life luck.

List of Scrolls: 
The scrolls I'm about to publish are lucky scrolls that were released in ROPH since it opened. I will be updating this post whenever a new lucky scroll is released by the management. Do note that there is a global message whenever you receive a rare item from these scrolls. The broadcast is an indicator that there are real players that were able to get a rare items from a scroll.

Angel Scroll
No matter what's inside this egg it is bound to be filled with wonderful treasures
  • Archangel Wing
  • Moving Angel's Wing
  • Gryphon Hat
  • Candy Cane in Mouth
  • 1 Miracle Medicine
  • 2 HE Battle Manual 
  • 5 Field Manual
  • 5 Bubble Gum
  • 5 Token of Siegfried
  • 1 Megaphone
  • 5 Job Manual

Valkyrie Scroll
A happiness from an angel. You will find full of happiness once you open it.
  • Hairband of Reginleif
  • Hibiscus
  • Cute Twin Ribbon
  • Romantic White Flower
  • Bubble Gum in Mouth Box (4hrs rental)
  • 4 Leaf Clover in Mouth Box (4hrs rental)
  • 1 Miracle Medicine
  • Giant Fly Wing Box (100)
  • Boarding Halter Box (7days rental)
  • 1 Elite Siege Supply Box
  • 2 HE Battle Manual
  • 3 Field Manual
  • 3 Bubble Gum
  • Insurance Package Box 

ROPH website - Angel Scroll
ROPH website - Valkyrie Scroll


  1. sir pde po ako sumali guild nyo? FeitaNity po nake ko. Thor server

    1. Naku paps sorry Loki server ako

    2. aw ok sir. sana gawa ka SVD Knight Build. ung hindi matakaw sa ESB. taas n ksi price ESB ngaun ==

    3. SVD Knight Guide leveling and farming

    4. naku sorry ang Vit build ng any melee class ay matakaw sa ESB. AGI build talaga ang pang PVM build na hindi matakaw sa pots. Kuung gusto mo ng hindi matakaw sa pots medyo mag titiis ka sa lowbie monsters yung hindi aaraw yung char mo


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